San Lorenzo Valley Quest

School Age Recreation and Enrichment






SLV Quest offers high quality, licensed childcare and enrichment!

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SLV Quest was developed in conjunction with the San Lorenzo Valley School District to provide fun and safe place for children from Transitional Kindergarten to 5th grade to play, learn and socialize after school. We are located at the Quail Hollow Campus on Marion Ave., a beautiful and private place, where we have three classrooms set up with age appropriate learning and creative environments in order to accommodate our different age groups. We even have an indoor games and large motor activities room to use during those hot late summer and rainy winter days, as well for small scale games, dance and movement activities year round. Children arrive by school bus. We offer afterschool care for children in from 12:30 to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, as well as care on early dismissal days and full day programs on many school closure days.

At Quest many children love creating their own masterpieces through guided artistic projects or through self directed expression. Sports, games and skills drills are led by our staff, teaching physical skills as well as how to follow game rules. Creative and dramatic play are encouraged with music and theatrical opportunities. Scientific thinking, observation and exploration are always offered with many science focused projects available including robotics. We have a set of themes each week to guide our activities and exploration. All ages at Quest have the opportunity to choose what activities they would like to participate in, making it a very individualized experience.

We support homework. Quest has teachers that can help your child with their homework during our dedicated homework period, though we are not a tutoring service.

We offer healthy snacks around 3:00 for the kindergartners who will be staying beyond 3:00pm and for the older children who will be arriving around 2:30 hungry after school!

It's the people that make Quest so great. We are trained to listen and support your children while using positive discipline and providing engaging activities. We encourage children to make healthy choices and use conflict resolution when those choices become difficult. Brandy, Kathy, Alex and Bryce combined have many years of experience guiding children and look forward to welcoming your child.

We are a licensed childcare center, which is important to note. Any school aged recreation program is legally required to be licensed through the Department of Social Services if children attend 4 hours or more a week, so that is a good question to ask of programs you are considering for your child. Licensing oversight insures that a program meets high standards for in-person supervision, the number of children that can be supervised by a teacher, and the education and experience required by teachers. It insures that specific requirements for record keeping, handling of emergency situations, and regulations on whom a child can be released to at pick up time are followed. It regulates health and safety practices including cleanliness and disinfection of facilities and materials and food handling for both staff and children. It specifies the amount of space for both indoor and outdoor activities that must be available per child enrolled in the program. And most importantly, it offers parents a way to report any concerns and the ability to get information about past issues with a program.

You are welcome to come and tour our program. Call 831-336-8220 or email